Monday, April 28, 2008

My "Love Life"

I am going to post this against my own better judgement and will get "abused" for posting this...ok here goes:

So I was at carmax today from 10 am to 5 pm getting my car fixed and working on a take home test in the meantime. At about 4:30, the mechanic called me back to discuss what was wrong with my car! Apparently, while I was gone, a girl must have looked at my homework because when I got back she asked, "what kind of math is that?" I replied, "It is finite element analysis for partial differential equations"...and the conversation ended there......

I am sure none of you will listen to me when I say that she was just interested in what I was doing and the class I was I have been telling you...if you guys want to know more about my quote on quote "love life" all you will be reading is a book of empty pages!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Had a good weekend!

I have had a good weekend!

First, I went with Mr. Bob to help him with a wordless book/moonbounce event at a church. Needless to say, the time was great! I made so many new little even accepted Jesus for the first time when I shared the wordless book!

Anyways, I saw Expelled: No Intellegence Allowed again with my parents and Daniel! All of them enjoyed this movie so it is not for the "aerospace technical gismo minded people"! I still marvel at how somehow this movie has made it into our theaters so WATCH IT! Take my word for's good!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

CEF easter club

This is not even half of the people that showed up with motorcycles!

The National Guard came as well!

Children with their Easter Baskets!

That's a lot of easter baskets to hand out!

And of course, what is easter without the Easter bunny....excuse me...what is Easter without Jesus!

A picture of me...not sure that the biker image really fits me!

I make this car look good!

Well guys, here are some pictures of the Easter clubs I helped CEF do. So what is the deal with this event? Well basically we got a bunch of bikers together, we would go to a neighborhood, Mr Bob tells the Easter story, and then a biker would come and hand an Easter basket to a child. Once the biker did this, he would then show the child his motorcycle! Needless to say...this was a very fun and exciting event! Wish yall could have been there...the event was so huge, we had our own police escort!