Saturday, March 27, 2010

My Run-In With the Cops I was driving out of my apartment to do what any guy loves to!!!!!

As I drive out, I see blinking lights pull up behind me!!! Since I am on a two lane highway with no place to pull over....I turn off the highway into a subdivision area and think about the best spot to pull over...then I hear a siren and think "OK STOP NOW!"

The Cop walks up to me with a flashlight, looks in my car, and I roll down my window. He tells me I have a headlight out while I had him my driver's license and registration. He asks why I did not pull over immediately? I told him that I didn't think it was safe to stop in the middle of that street like that. Now, maybe most of you know not to do that...but in NC where I used to live, the Cops are a little more laid back....they really don't care if you pull over somewhere safer.... on a side note, I constantly learn things here not to do that would not have really been a huge deal down South....

So after I sit in my car...the next stupid thing I did was think...ya know...let me check the headlight on my car that is out. So as I get out of my car, the cop raises his voice and says, "Get back in the car!" So I get back in my car.

Eventually, he walks back to my car, shining his light in there behind my driver's side window (probably looking for drugs or something!), and then walks up to my window. He hands me my driver's license and registration and asks about my hands shaking and why I was nervous. I told him, "I guess just being pulled over by the cops".

He then handed me a note telling me I have 10 business days to get my headlight fixed....and I was able to go!

I bet that Cop thought I was guilty of something...after I made my small get away by not pulling over immediately, fleeing the scene by stepping out of my car, and the impending guilt associated with my shaking hands...but alas I am home safely.....