Sunday, May 31, 2009

Move In

The second bedroom has been temporarily deemed the 'no kitty allowed' room. I think you can see why!

Of course, this post would not be complete without the kitty!


Girls, recommend colors, furniture, etc that would go well with these couches!

This picture reminds me of some of the Axe commercials I have been seeing in the movie theaters recently!

Model Airplanes were packed in the van because they took up the most space and had relatively low mass. Since the trailer was already putting a lot of weight on the rear tires, this was the best way to optimize space and yet get my cargo up to my apartment without having the trailer chains drag on the ground.

Vehicle abuse!

I think I learned something from my mother.

Overall my trip went well. The biggest story has to do with the cat. As soon as I put her in the cage, she meowed and meowed and meowed and meowed and meowed all the way up. She only stopped when she fell asleep or when she was eating; I know now that she hates that carrying cage. I was worried for a second because I could not get her to go in her litter box. Thankfully, she knows where the litter box is in my apartment and has used it. Finally we arrived at my apartment. I let her out of the cage into the bathroom with the bathroom door shut because we did not want the kitty to escape while Daniel and myself were unloading furniture. Well, she got tired of the bathroom pretty quickly and wanted out of that as well. You could see her paw reaching out from underneath the bathroom door trying to escape (I wish I had a picture of was really funny). I was beginning to become concerned that I did not get a big enough apartment; after all, once she leaves the bathroom, will she eventually get tired of the rest of it?

So far, she seems to be having a lot of fun. I must admit that I am learning a lot about this cat quickly. She is VERY HAPPY when ever I get home....I think I represent mostly security to this cat right now at least at this point. She is still a little unsure about this apartment and really likes to know that her owner is around to help solve any bad situations that may arise. She is definitely very sweet and will crawl into my lap when I am sitting on the couch. Whoever found me this cat has did a great job...

I would also like to mention that I lost my cell phone and recently purchased a new one.....everyone call me so I can get all your numbers!