Sunday, August 1, 2010

Who is to blame???

We look at our culture and all its problems and wonder.....who's fault is it? Take a look at the oil spill.....there are plenty of theories there! BP is at fault, Obama is at fault.....the list goes on and on! However, the more I live my life, the more I realize that many problems in our society are caused by you and me.....and our own double standards!

Although I have no poll to prove this, I am willing to bet that if you asked Americans if there was to much promiscuity on TV, too much 'bad news' reporting in the media, to many immodestly dressed women on bilboards, and too many explicit songs on the radio, you would probably get a substantial number of people to agree with that. So why are things getting worse instead of better? Remember Janet Jackson's wardrobe malfuncton??? Imagine the havoc that would have caused if it happened just 30 years ago...... There are plenty of people out there for sure who would like to see less of this stuff on why is the media not listening?

The answer is this. The media represents the character of the American people: what we do when no one else is watching. Deep down inside of us, we secretly enjoy watching an affair develop, or listening to that explicit song with a great beat. We condemn it with our lips, but especially when no one else is watching, we watch it with hour eyes and listen to it with our ears. The media has ways of finding out how many people are watching this and that. They are able to find out deep down what we really like to watch....and so that is what we put on TV.

So many things in this country are like this. Tiger Woods for example. Are Americans truly shocked this goes on in this country??? Don't get me wrong....I think what he did was wrong but I read a poll the other day that stated 60 percent of men have had an affair outside their marriage and 40 percent of women have had an affair outside marriage. This poll seems to high to me....but I also thought I read that 33 percent of Americans are currently having an affair outside marriage! Are you sure this country is able to judge him like this without condemning ourselves at the same time????

So how do we solve the problems here. The answer is easy. Focus on yourself and your 'sin'. If you see something on TV you would condemn with your voice as being wrong....then flip the channel. The media then sees...hey people don't like watching this any more and something different gets put on! And there, the media problem is solved!

Finally, there is a time to judge I understand. If you are in what may seem like a bad neighborhood, I can understand double checking to make sure all your doors are locked on your car. However, if we take a look at ourselves more then we take a look at others....we will be more in line....families will be more in line....and the country will be more in line.....nothing....not even the laws of the United States can subsitute for the character of the individuals that make up this country.