Sunday, October 21, 2007

corrected link!!!

Another N&O cartoon....

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Finally...A wolfpack win!!!!! hopefully some of you guys are starting to see the results of good coaching. It's been years since NCSU has scored more then 30 points against a div 1 opponent...O'Brien has beaten ECU and did it with a team, which on paper, is a worse team then what Amato had last year...and we had a coaching staff that came out with a pretty good plan.


BTW J and B...the website we talked about today is

Injury...For Real

Well, this is how it happened I tried saving a ball out of bounds when my knee hit the bleachers hard. It is hard to see...but I think the wound might go down to the knee cap.

For those of you concerned....I am ok...and almost as important...I saved the ball for my team and they ended up scoring because of it....the body heals but the score lasts forever! Also, after a brief time out....I started playing again...but with less intensity!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Injury...sort of!

Hey a question of interest for you!

I was playing basketball today when someone ran into me right when I was going for a rebound. You guys know what its like to have your elbow go to sleep right...that tingly feeling! Well, as soon as soon as my head hit the ground, My whole nervous system had that tingly feeling for a couple of seconds and then it went away! From your medical perspective, what happened that caused this tingly feeling shoot through my entire body??

Just to let you guys know...I am ok...and almost as important...I hung on to the basketball even when I hit the ground!