Thursday, June 26, 2008

A couple of basketball stories!

Well, tonight I played basketball (thanks Martha and Mike for letting me play!) and there I met 2 much older people...someone brought up what I was doing this summer (working on my master's thesis) and soon the information came out that I am indeed a rocket scientist.

I often get a lot of praise from older people for sticking with school and doing something so difficult. I think seeing kids accomplish a lot in their education is something older people hold dear because they see the value of education in terms of getting a job that has true meaning and impact instead of working at a restaurant or working outside constantly. I suppose when your young, those kind of jobs are not too bothersome but if you do it for 30-40 years....that can be pretty tough! I think what is even tougher is just barely getting bye and not being able to enjoy money or have a difficult time saving for retirement! So I figured I would share that observation...for whatever it is worth :).

On a more humorous note, Mike, the reason why I wanted to play basketball tonight was because at Georgia's wedding, I invited some people to play basketball where I play every Thursday night! Well, a couple of weeks went bye...a couple of months go bye, and today they finally called me up and told me they wanted to play! Because they knew no one there, I felt obligated to go and help smooth things over in terms of them meeting people! :)

Now, I start playing with these guys (most of them are homeschooled I THINK) and it turns out that these guys are REALLY REALLY GOOD! They easily crushed the team I was playing with and eventually they started playing with the "brothers" (yes, a lot of black people play with us!). So, the first two games against the "brothers", my friends won. Now you have to understand that there were so many people there tonight, that after 2 wins, you needed to get off the court and let another team play. Well, the "brothers" were so determined to beat these white kids, that they told them to stay on the court! Unfortunately, my friends lost the third the chaos could not was interesting to observe!

To fully appreciate the humor here, you have to realize that a bunch of white home schoolers BEAT a bunch of "brothers"! After all, black people are supposed to be very good at sports and white men can't jump! Apparently, memorizing bible verses and obeying our parents are not the only things us homeschoolers are good at!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Superheros quiz!

Ok...for those of you who like quizes, here is one for you to tell you what superhero and supervillan you are!

I apparently am most like superman: "You are mild-mannered, good, strong and you love to help others".

I actually think that is pretty accurate! Here is the link:
There is also one for supervillians:

I got Mr Freeze...apparently "You are cold and you think everyone else should be also, literally"!

Let me know your results!