Thursday, July 31, 2008

My visit with Joy

Carrying stuff for our picnic!
We discussed the physics of this marble ball suspended by a cushion of water!

Getting White Coated

Joy and Joy (aka Bundle of Joy)

All the fish....

Well...since Joy has posted twice about my visit with her....I suppose it is my duty as a brother to post something as well....
All sarcasm put aside, the visit was very very good. Joy was not with me the first couple of days because she had to go to a conference in Virgina. Therefore, the first couple of days were a mite boring; however, I did bring my xbox with me and my computer and a couple of DVD's. So....I got through that stage ok. In addition, a few of Joy's friends invited me to eat ice cream with them one night which was very nice! I must say that meeting Joy's school friends was a pleasant suprise. Some of them are believers or seem to have some kind of moral standing which is really great compared to most of the engineering people that I had to deal with going through school.

In Joy's blog, Joy points out that I made friends with a friend of her's husband (say that ten times fast!). That is because he is an engineer and (if you will permit me to insert a little more sarcasm here) he can actually talk on my level! As a matter of fact, several of Joy's church friends are engineers! I even met an aspiring rocket scientist! Now that is a first for me....going to a church where there is more then one rocket scientist!!!!

On Sunday, we went out to eat with many of these people where you could get a steak sandwich with just meat and bread. I have since discovered that Texans do not have sophisticated taste like we North Carolina people do! One of Joy's friends rightly pointed out that barbecue in NC is the best; however, when presented with the idea of putting coleslaw and chilly on his barbecue sandwich, he said he would not try something like that! Therefore, the tastes of Texans have not yet evolved to that of us North Carolina people!

Later, we did more shopping because Joy lost her cell phone, because I need to eat, and because Joy wanted to get more fish to add to the ones I had gotten her. At the end of our visit, we went to a butterfly museam. While waiting for Joy to take a picture of every single butterfly, I couldn't help but think that Noah would really enjoy something like that! Just an idea for you Martha.... I think the best part of the visit, was the time Joy and I spent talking about how things are with her and about our family in general! It was very nice to get to do that.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Cars Cars Cars!

Aston Martin Vanquish

Jaguar XKR (old model)

Audi TT

Jaguar xkr

Those of you who know me know I love cars! is something fun I thought I would do! Here are some cars I guys can tell me which one looks the best or if you have your own car you think looks good. The cars in the pictures above have simple curves yet they still look stunning, which is typically the kind of car I think looks good...simply beautiful! A complicated look would be like a Lamborgini Murcelago....the back end just looks too complex....or a Ferrari F50.