Monday, January 4, 2010

Tips for guys and dating....etc

1: Don't treat girls differently by the way they look...if there is a girl you are really interested in....fine....otherwise...try and treat girls equally.

2: when God commanded wives submit to your husbands...he also commanded husbands to love your wives with compassion and understanding.

3: Connecting with women emotionally and not just physically brings so much more to the relationship for you and not just your girlfriend/ not neglect this. Some guys never discover this...and it is sad.

4: Your problems with lust will not cease once you get discipline here is important before and after marriage....start training yourself now.

5: When your wife talks to you...she can solve her own problems and she usually does not need your help....she just wants to share her her that you are listening....if she needs help...she will ask you in general.

6. If THE MATURE women sees that you are good father material....that is a big plus for you.

7. Admit when you are wrong...humility can impress a lot. And just as a hint, this will eventually work to your advantage in the work place....don't make excuses.

8. Do the routine boring cleaning of the house with her, shows her you is a good time for the two of you to talk....and I always find a good conversation passes the horrible cleaning tasks away quickly...and helping her in this way makes her excited to want to do things with you....which is a good thing.

9. Make things if you start spending time with her...eventually address what your true intentions or friendship? Ask to do devotions one night with your kids...ask if she will pray with you. These remove confusion and show that you can lead and care about spiritual growth in her and the kids...

Just keep her involved in your decision making...that is the difference in leading well and being a bully.

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