Sunday, December 28, 2008

Togetherness in FloE-rIIi-dah

Brian and Joy were once in Florida, they were sitting on their Grandmother's back porch stuck with the common contemplation that they had little, or rather, nothing to do. When such contemplations as these occur, one must muse until he or she encounters a brilliant idea. Having these grandiose aspirations, it is with great anticipation that we bring you the "Bri-oy Holiday Lists of Meaningless Activities". Graciously sponsored by Brian's blog and the void of activity in a certain region of FL.


(1) Go to Walmart and stream orange juice from the bathroom door around the store in a non-interrupted stream.

(2) If you are at a place that for some inconceivable reason does not have a Walmart, petition for one.

(3) If neither 1 or 2 is available... try just using the bathroom for a very long time. Follow this up by seeing how many times you can sing Happy Birthday while washing your hands before going insane.

(4) Try helping a certain technology-feeble member of your family check their email via dial-up Juno... if this is not challenging enough, try downloading a docx file on a non-vista computer.

(5) Take long (and I mean L-O-N-G) walks, in which you get so lost that it takes you 2 hours just to find your way out of the nearby golf course.

(6) Clip your toenails.... or if you are really desperate for time-consumption, just file them until they are at an acceptable length.

(7) And if you are really, really, really bored.... incessantly text all your somewhat tolerant friends (DD this is for you) until they feel so sorry for you that they call back.

(8) Watch football. And by this I don't just mean one or two games, watch all the re-runs until your eyebrows are falling out and your eyes are bleeding.

(9) If you happen to be in an elderly living community, see how many people you can get to discuss their daily bowel functioning with you (believe me, you won't have to try hard).

(10) Keep hiding your parent's toothpaste so that you make it out of the house at least once every other day to go to the store.

(11) Eat like no other. Then go running/walking/swimming to shed every calorie. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

(12) If a certain male-gendered person in your family snores, see if you can find the beat.... set it to Chopin's Minute-Waltz for the next 60 mins.
(13) Try to swallow your tongue.... a fairly harmless (due to the unlikeliness) activity
(14) Have a water gargling contest. Put a glassful of water in your mouth and see how long you can keep gargling for. Extra points for loud and amusing gargling noises, minus points if you laugh.
(15) Buy a harmonica.... maybe your family will send you home sooner.
OK, all kidding aside, we are really having a GREAT time! Grandma's new place is beautiful, and the weather is just lovely. We are excited about the many activities planned for the week and truthfully we are looking forward to some physically challenging ones to work of these calories. Love and miss you all!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

You never know how the Lord is working....

I had a very good conversation with Mr. Bob (CEF Director) the other day I thought I would share with you all!

I remember before I started working with CEF, I was thinking that I had not really done much in my life to share the Gospel of Jesus with other people. The Lord convicted me of this, and I asked the Lord if he would show me a ministry I could get involved in. I remember one day getting a call from Mr. Bob asking if I was interested in helping him...that is how I got involved with CEF!

The other day, I got to talk to Mr. Bob about what his thoughts were when he called me and asked me if I wanted to be a missionary! See, I had always thought Mr. Bob was just a bold person in general! This is a guy, after all, who has gotten free food at the state fair, got free gas, got me a free compressor and compressor mount to fix my car....basically, Mr. Bob never has a problem asking anyone for anything! Surely, he would have no problem calling up someone he had not seen in about 8 years and asking them to be a missionary with CEF! Mr. Bob actually was a bit nervous the first time he called me! He only called me because he found my phone number somewhere and the Lord told him to call me and ask me to work with CEF! Is it not cool how God had things planned out for the both of us?

I think the biggest blessing CEF has given me is to see the Lord working, especially when he uses you to do something amazing! Sometimes, you see the Lord using you immediately; other times, you find out how you made a difference in someone's life years afterwards. All I can say is that God is great, not just in 2008! :D

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Merry Christmas!

The Government is like Santa!
It sees you when your sleeping!
It knows when you're awake!
It knows when you've been bad or good,
so be good for goodness sake!

Written by  '83rocketscientist' on December 17, 2008!

Merry Christmas everyone!