Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Human Brain is truely amazing!

Have you guys thought about how the human brain interprets color? More specifically, how it can see patterens of colors and identify objects based on these patterens! Here is a great example of how wonderful the human brain is. Have you ever looked at a picture of someone when they were a child...and thought...I know who that is! Your brain has somehow recongnized certain patterens or certin similarities that have not changed with age based on the colors your eyes see.

So what has made me think such strange and crazy thoughts!!! Well, my thesis envolves taking taking a video of a ball, and finding and identifiying the particular sections of color placed on the ball! My code is in the final stages of development and now is so complicated that it takes a whole hour to identify the necessary patches on 10 frames of video!

Let me put some perspective on this value. Think of a frame as an image. Most movies you watch display about 25-30 images a second, or frames per second. Your brain manages to process these sequential images in one second. Furthermore, your brain can identify that an object in this 'video' is a flower, a picture, a friend, or a globe simply based on the colors your eyes see! Contrast this to the code I have written. It processes only 10 frames every hour! I can only find the colors on the ball for very specifically defined cases!

Well if you understand what I have said...or you are still reading are to be praised. Turns out, this problem is a very difficult yet important problem. You guys have seen irobot with the robots walking around, sitting on a couch, or firing a weapon. A robot MUST know how to take a sequence of colors and identify shapes and objects in order to find the couch to sit on, walk to a destination, or aim a weapon. This, to me, is the most important problem in artificial intellegence, even more difficult then programing behaviors!

So what is the point? It has just been a good reminder that we are fearfully and wonderfully made! I don't know how God figured this stuff out....but he did a pretty good job!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Why do people always remember who I am?

Ok...this post is going to be a wierd one...but who cares...I am overdue for another post anyways!

I seriously want to know why people remember who I am? I am asking this here because I suspect some of you guys create a pretty memorable first impression as well...and people never forget you! Does are sheltered past really stick out like a sore thumb that much? :)

Anyways, I asked my sister this question! She said that people always remember someone who always avoids eye contact and talks with a very monotone voice! NICE!

I then told her about a recent trip to the pharmacy! Those people always remember who I am! I only visit them about once every two months or something like that and my face, one would think, would be lost in the sea of eldely people they see at least every two weeks!

So here I will redeem my sister some! She then told me that people always remember someone who is tall and handsome! All I am going to say about that is I know my siblings give me a lot more credit in the "looks" department then I deserve!

So I put forth the question: are you guys suprised at how people can always remember who you are? If you are, why do you think this is the case?

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Be nice to all women!!!!

Today I was working with the inflatables where me and another guy were operating a ride called the bungie run! A good lookin young lady walked up, I explained some basics about the ride, and told her to pick a side to enter in on. She picked my side and I was about ready to go attach a harness on her when the other guy helping me almost jumped in front of me so he could hook the harness on her.

So what is the big deal? Well, guys should treat all girls equal unless they are interested in someone or want to date someone of the opposite gender! Hot girls should not get any special treatment whatsoever! Personally, I equate this with discrimmination! All we are doing is going the extra mile for someone who is attractive, and ignoring or maybe making fun of someone who we may not find attractive. Odviously, if I did this based on if someone was black or white, I would probably be in jail or something like that!

Unfortunately, this behavior is destroying our society! Girls feel like they MUST look attractive, if they don't, they feel like they will never get a boyfriend! So girls engage in all kinds of unhealthy behavior...not eating, thinking they are fat all the time, and spending too much time in front of the mirror in the morning! Most stick thin girls I know think they are fat....IT'S STUPID!

I haven't gotten to the most discouraging part of the whole situation yet, and that is respect! I am having trouble putting this in an appropriate way....this guy wanted to put this harness on her so that he could get as 'close' to her as he possibly could!

So what, he was about ready to jump in front of's not a big deal...just let it go. Ladies and gentlemen, and especially you gentlemen, I see this behavior all the time. I see it in the people that I work with, people I go to school with, and even complete strangers...most men are obsessed ONLY with how a girl looks and nothing else. This is truely sad!

I suppose the best thing for me to do what to let him hook the harness on her...if he makes a move in any way, I would enjoy watching her husband beat the crap out of him!

Sorry for my rant...Peace Out!